CENN hosted a Workshop for EU-supported GALAG Environmental Group

On 5-6 February 2019, ENPARD partner CENN conducted an intensive workshop for the representatives of the EU-supported GALAG (Georgian Association of Local Action Groups) Environmental Group at Bulachauri Green Centre. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate fruitful discussions concerning environmental challenges in the respective municipalities of the GALAG members, share modern approaches in sustainable development and assist the GALAG Environmental Group in putting acquired environmental knowledge into practice at the local level.


In the format of the workshop CENN experts covered some of the most pressing environmental topics such as: climate change and narrowing down the topic from a global to a local context; the necessity of forest management and climate-smart agriculture in sustainable rural development; challenges in the waste management sector in Georgia, its solutions and the role of local communities in mainstreaming modern waste management approaches; ensuring public access to clean water and information exchange concerning sanitation and hygiene for all; and the importance of strong and effective natural disaster risk reduction and management systems for building resilient communities. The second day of the workshop aimed at analysing the main environmental challenges and opportunities. As a result of the two-day intensive discussions, the GALAG vision on environmental topics was identified and the GALAG environmental strategy will be elaborated.


I think, this meeting was very important for the GALAG Environmental Group. The group was formed in January, as the environmental topic is prioritized by all Georgian LAGs. As a result of the workshop, GALAG is now strengthened on the subject of environmental protection – this will give us possibilities to have more extensive advocacy and lobbing campaigns in the future’.- said the GALAG coordinator Tiko Chulukhidze.


This format allows LAG representatives to discuss relevant environmental challenges they face on local levels, and come up with the ways of solving these challenges in a participatory manner. CENN team is thrilled to work with local action groups on environmental issues aiming at prioritizing the subject on different levels.” – stated the meeting facilitator and the CENN’s ENPARD team member Melano Tkabladze.


The EU-supported ENPARD project is implemented by CENN in partnership with the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), Institute of Democracy (IoD) and Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning (ÖIR). The project aims at diversifying local economic activities, improving the investment climate, and empowering competitive agricultural and environmental practices in Keda Municipality via bottom-up strategic planning of rural development.


The EU is supporting agriculture and rural development in Georgia through its ENPARD Programme. Implemented since 2013 with a total budget of EUR 179.5 million, the main goal of ENPARD is to reduce rural poverty in Georgia. The first phase of ENPARD in Georgia focused on developing the potential of agriculture. The second and third phases of ENPARD focus on creating economic opportunities for rural populations that go beyond agricultural activities. More information on ENPARD is available at: www.enpard.ge.


More information about the Keda Local Action Group (LAG) is available on the official website: www.kedalag.ge


Media Contacts:

Nino Gaprindashvili, CENN Project Manager, +995 593 92 48 44, gaprindashvili@cenn.org

Tamar Khuntsaria, Team Leader, ENPARD Communication Unit, +995 595 98 99 16, tamar.k@actionprgroup.com


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