CENN and National Geographic Georgia Host YourShot-Photosynthesis

On Monday, 21st January, the closing event of the photo contest Your Shot Georgia -“Photosynthesis” with the motto, “Our Winged Friends” was held.


The winners of the Photosynthesis and YourShot Georgia joint competition have been announced.


I place – Nikoloz Meskhi – selected by the representatives of the National Geographic Head Office and National Geographic Georgia.


II place – Roman Tolordava – the choice of the US and Georgian art editors.


III place – Giorgi Nikolava – announced by the jury based on the choice of the public


The photo contest was organized by the National Geographic Magazine Georgia with the support of the CENN project “Promoting Sustainable Forest Management for Climate Resilient Rural Development in Georgia” via funds provided by the Austrian Development Cooperation. Partners of the competition were Georgian National Museum and Silknet.


National Geographic announced that 2018 will be the “Year of the Bird” and offered its readers stories about those fascinating creatures that are progressively becoming victims of numerous anthropological and environmental hazards.


In order to raise the public’s awareness about the environmental challenges birds face and the importance of bird conservation, National Geographic Magazine Georgia and CENN decided to organize the Your Shot Georgia “Photosynthesis” contest based on that topic. As one of the storytellers from National Geographic, Jonathan Franzen, says, “the birds are our last, best connection to a natural world that is otherwise receding.” At the closing event of the contest, the organizers of the photo competition awarded their favorite photos as well.

CENN has selected the following photographers:

1. Dachi Shoshitashvili

2. Giorgi Ebanoidze

3. Levan Zazadze


Asmat Gogatishvili and Nika Paposhvili were awarded by National Geographic Georgia as the favorites of the editor and chief of the magazine.



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