Waste Management & Pollution

CENN provides professional technical assistance to support waste management system development and recycling as in Georgia in a short run as well as become a part of the global drift by ensuring the regional development of the waste management sector, including waste collection, recycling, and public awareness.


Specifically, our role in GHG mitigation and sequestration within the waste sector by enabling the recycling business environment is immense and it aims to Improve waste collection systems; minimize pollution of natural resources from landfills by closing down old, illegal landfills and dumpsites; enhance public awareness of waste management issues and promote public participation in the decision-making and design processes of new waste management systems.


Our activities combine various components into a comprehensive structure that focuses on technical assistance and capacity/institution building of integrated waste management systems and recycling/composting by different directions such as Waste Collection and Recycling System Development; Private Sector-Led Recycling; Waste Management Strategy and Tariff Policy as well as Communication and Outreach.


CENN also implements crosscutting activities that support the promotion of local governance. The crosscutting activities include, among others, empowerment of youth and women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, and gender mainstreaming.


To learn more about our efforts in the area of Waste Management, please visit our Knowledge Portal.


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