Green Bag


To reduce the use of plastic bags, we suggest to discover alternatives and use our green bag instead of plastic ones.  The campaign is the first attempt in Georgia to speak about the harm of plastic bags and to remind consumers of existing alternatives. The Green Bag is a reusable canvas bag that will be your reliable partner while shopping.   Why choose the green bag?   It is environmentally smart – instead of using plastic bags that are harmful  for environment, you are using green bags   It is cheap – you invest in a bag once and it serves you for a very long time   It is diverse in design and looks fashion forwarded while hanging on your shoulder     Sharing is caring! Tell your friends how good it feels to know that you are caring for our planet. Use our exclusive hashtags in English #greenconsumer and Georgian #მწვანემომხმარებელი to spread the world about your smart lifestyle.


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