Eco Hub Opened for Kazreti Children


On 15 March 2017, with CENN’s initiative and the help from the local governance, an Eco hub started functioning in Bolnisi Municipality’s town of Kazreti.   The eco hub will support the town’s N2 Public School children as well as other kids to improve their knowledge on environmental issues and get involved in solving environmental problems and facilitating sustainable development principles in rural areas.   The hub is equipped with all necessary inventory and environmental library. In addition, the hub is to help establish an Eco club including teachers and high school students. The student will become CENN newsletter subscribers and are to receive up to date environmental news going on in the international, regional and local levels.   The eco hub is the 2nd center opened by CENN within the project framework of Promoting Environmental and Social Accountability in the Mining Sector in the Caucasus. The project is being implemented with the financial support of the German fund, Bread for the World  


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