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20 years of awesomeness.   Hello friend!   Since 1998, when we created CENN, I have had the honour of working with many different people as part of our team. As Executive Director of CENN, I would dare to say that over the years we have succeeded in striving for excellence and brought together leaders united by one goal — to protect our environment.   When we first started operating in the politically turbulent environment here in the Caucasus, people around us were pessimistic about our ability to deliver on the vision we held, and it was hard not to be. The years since have been full of ups and downs, new people and challenges, wins and the occasional loss, but always moving forward! While reflecting on this time, on behalf of our entire team, I want to express our greatest gratitude to everyone who has shared this amazing journey with us — our friends, volunteers, partners, and donors — together, we have served the greatest value that we share, our love for our home, our planet!   At CENN we are confident that the coming years will be even more incredible, we are excited about upcoming challenges, which only make us stronger, and upcoming wins, as they motivate us to keep moving and aiming higher.   Thanks for walking with us!   Kindly yours,   Nana Janashia Executive Director      


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