ვინ ვართ ჩვენ


Hello friend!


I have had the supreme honour of working with many talented and intelligent people on our team since the birth of CENN in 1998. As Executive Director of CENN, I am proud to say that, over the years, we have succeeded in striving for excellence and bringing together leaders united under one goal — protecting our environment.


When we first started operating in the politically turbulent environment of the Caucasus, people were pessimistic about our ability to fulfill our vision for CENN, and honestly, it was hard not to be at the time. The years since then have been full of ups and downs, new people and challenges, wins and the occasional loss, but always progressing and moving forward! It hasn’t always been easy, but the fruits of our labour have mostly been sweet. On behalf the entire CENN team, I want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has shared this amazing journey with us — our friends, volunteers, partners, and donors. Together we are united in our work and love for our planet, our home!


The CENN team is confident that the coming years will be even more incredible and fruitful. We look forward to the challenges ahead that will only make us stronger, as well as our future accomplishments that will motivate us to keep progressing and aiming higher.


Thanks for walking with us!


Yours sincerely,


Nana Janashia

Executive Director