Since 1998, we have worked with local communities and national governments through region-wide initiatives to engender green growth at every level. At CENN, we believe that sustainable development is best achieved through networking, cooperation, and engaging with all sections of society. We implement joint initiatives with equal participation across Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to find viable solutions to local and regional environmental challenges.

With representation throughout the South Caucasus, more than 60 full-time members of staff, and a network of volunteers across the region, CENN has the capability and commitment to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality. We create and deliver modern solutions for the public and business sectors and communities, assisting them in managing their environmental and related risks and helping them to achieve a competitive advantage through improved environmental, economic and social performance.

Based on 25 years of experience in managing and implementing over 250 complex projects for international multilateral and bilateral donors, CENN has acquired the following capabilities:

  • Managing complex international multi-million projects in the Caucasus region
  • Designing and implementing regional and national-level development projects
  • Support improving governance and building confidence and cooperation between various parties (policy-makers, authorities, private sector, civil society, academia and communities) with more comprehensive, transparent and accountable systems
  • Extensive experience in utilizing cutting-edge knowledge, technology and practices to drive innovation and success
  • Participatory planning and management of actions
  • Result-based project management and monitoring
  • Identifying, approaching and working with businesses, industrial development agencies and the chambers of commerce
  • Establishment of efficient cooperation with the public and private partners, establishing PPPs
  • Efficient and transparent international-level finance management
  • Efficient communication and public outreach