Changer – Workshop on Green Ideas

As an active supporter of the youth initiatives, CENN will host a two-day workshop aiming at generating new ideas and initiatives and supporting youth activism in the regions of Georgia. On February 6-7 young and creative minds will gather at the Bulachauri Green Centre and work together with CENN mentors.


The first day of the event aims at generation of new ideas from young participants, best ideas will be selected and supported by mentors during the second day of the workshop. CENN team will help young innovators in the implementation of their initiatives on the return to their home regions.


February 6 – “Inspiration” Day


Kick Off Session 10:00


Opening info Session


Inspirational interruption


First Session on Idea Generation


Inspirational interruption



BREAK 13:00 – 14:00


Second Session on Idea Screening


Inspirational interruption


Third Session on Idea Validation


Closing of the Day One – Assignment for day 2


Movie & Popcorn night 20:00

February 7 – “Make it Work” Day



Presentation of Ideas


Feedbacks on Ideas


Planning of Implementation


BREAK 14:00-15:00


Planning of Implementation


Inspirational interruption


BREAK 16:00-17:00


Presentation of finalised projects




Movie & Popcorn night 20:00



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