We are currently offering competitive and rewarding internships for young leaders interested in environmental issues. Ideal candidates will be self‐motivated, team‐oriented, and able to thrive in a fast‐paced and diverse atmosphere. The selected candidate will work alongside our team in carrying out day‐to‐day project activities. Interns can expect to gain experience in the following: communication on environmental issues, strategic planning, social media marketing, knowledge dissemination, and other communications‐related skills. Interns will also provide basic office support.


If you share our green values

If you are interested in innovative technologies

If you are creative and enjoy inventing things and concepts


And if you meet our minimum requirements:


Undergraduate or graduate student (age 18 to 25) attaining a degree in Environmental Sciences, Physical Geography, Human Geography, Public Relations & Communications (with a high interest in environmental issues), other Social Sciences, or other related fields


Familiarity with the environmental issues in Georgia and the Caucasus


Good communication skills, and understanding of modern social media trends


Outstanding interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills


Proficient in English (an additional language is highly preferable)


Strong organisational skills, demonstrating a high level of accuracy and attention to detail


Proficiency in different Office applications and programs


Ability to learn quickly and demonstrate critical thinking


Candidate has to be a dynamic self‐starter, and comfortable with taking initiative


Able to be at the CENN’s office in Tbilisi 20 hours per week.


The applicant shall submit following documents:


CV (pdf)


Maximum one-page letter declaring your motivation to be intern at CENN (pdf)


Answer to the question – Why are you green? (Insert in body text of the e-mail)



Please, send your internship request pack to with the subject line “Internship at CENN”


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