USAID and CENN Launched Phase II of the WMTR Program

USAID and CENN has launched phase II of Waste Management Technologies in Regions Program (WMTR II). The Program will continue assisting the Government of Georgia (GoG) to modernize the country’s waste management sector and support sustainable development and inclusive economic growth, ensuring responsible management of natural endowments that will minimize adverse impacts from waste on human health and natural resources.


WMTR II will continue working in Kakheti and Adjara AR regions and will upscale its efforts to selected municipalities in Shida Kartli and the City of Tbilisi. The program will assist the GoG to implement the requirements of the Waste Management Code and the National Waste Management Strategy and Action Plan to ensure that modern waste management standards are introduced into the country in line with the EU-Georgia Association Agreement.


To this end, the program will mainstream innovative approaches, apply new technologies, and streamline strong partnerships, to achieve, sustain and extend set objectives and solve development challenges.


WMTR II is built on lessons learned and knowledge and experience accumulated over phase I of the program and focuses on the following main directions:


• Implementation of an Integrated Waste Management System
• Private Sector-Led Recycling
• Illegal Dumping Penalties and Tariff Policy
• Public Outreach.


International City/County Management Association (ICMA) will be providing advisory support to the program.


For detailed information, please contact us:


Waste Management Technologies in Regions (WMTR II)
2, Orpiri St., Tbilisi, Georgia
T.: +995 32 2 43 45 22/23.


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