Discover Tsalka – A Tourist Guidebook

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მიმდინარე სიახლეები

Knowledge of tourist resources is one of the most important preconditions for the development of tourism in all regions and municipalities of Georgia. In this respect the situation is far from perfect, as qualified information about tourist facilities either is not available, or outdated and irrelevant.

The territory of Tsalka municipality is notable for its cultural heritage, natural monuments and archaeological sites. Cyclopean habitation sites, ruins of fortresses, caves, petroglyphs, monoliths, stone oil presses, churches of Late and Early Middle Ages, Medieval bridges, old settlements, burials, kurgans are scattered across its territory.

The present publication provides information about distinguished tourism facilities of Tsalka municipality, covering both natural and cultural resources. The publication contains information about organic and inorganic nature, and material and non-material cultural heritage of Tsalka municipality.

The publication also contains information about tourist routes and tourist service providers available in Tsalka. The present publication is a modest effort to help fill these gaps with the missing information about local tourist facilities.