Contest for Journalists

Celebrating the International Green Consumer Day, CENN provides you with a unique opportunity not only to become green consumer but also to make the society “greener” obtain interesting prizes and work on coverage of the greenest topics together with CENN.


Waste Management Technologies in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II) announces Words 4 Waste (W4W) contest for media.


Goal of the contest: coverage of processes, challenges and achievements in waste management sector in Georgia; public information on proper waste management including the importance of waste separation and recycling for environment, human health and economic development in the country.


Who is eligible to participate: representative of any media including radio, TV, electronic or printed media.


Contest theme: Practice, challenges, needs and results achieved in waste management sector in Georgia; assessment of the situation regarding meeting the requirements of Georgia-EU Association Agreement and national legislation; modern approaches to waste management (e.g. sorting, recycling, etc.) and the importance of their implementation in Georgia.


Contest conditions: journalists participating in the contest must prepare and publish a journalistic work (article, report or other publication) on a contest theme.


Selection criteria: special attention will be given to individual style of narration, journalistic creativity and accuracy of the provided material.


Duration: 28 September 2017 – 25 March 2018


CENN will provide an opportunity of remote cooperation to the contest winner.

Pease send your published materials (links) and contact information to the following e-mail addresses:


For detailed information, please contact us on the above e-mail addresses or on our Facebook page: WMTR Program


Deadline for submission of materials: 20 March 2018


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