CENN Annual Report 2021

მიმდინარე სიახლეები


CENN is proud to share its 2021 annual report, which presents key achievements in terms of their contribution to the global SDG targets!

In 2021, our team came together to re-evaluate and contemplate the scope of our work to meet these global demands. After careful deliberation and reflection, we decided to expand the scope of our work and launched our new strategic directions, all of which sit under the Sustainable Development Goals. We are proud to have the opportunity to work on global issues such as democracy and good governance, education and youth, public health and well-being, and of course, rural development, energy, and inclusive economic development.

The 2021 report is structured according to the new thematic directions of CENN, and the main achievements of each initiative are grouped both by thematic directions and corresponding SDGs. The results show that CENN’s activities correlate with targets from all 17 SDGs. We hope that this example will be inspiring for other CSOs as well, to reflect and showcase their contribution in achieving global development goals.

Download the report.