Participatory and inclusive governance

Addressing existing challenges of sustainable development is impossible with the limited effort of any given sector alone, and requires partnership of all sectors, both public and private. Participatory decision-making process remains to be a challenge in Georgia, both locally and centrally. The guarantees to engage in the policy-making process are scarce, inconsistent and often limited to merely informing or consulting, rather than meaningful and inclusive dialogue. 

Over the years CENN has secured a reputation of a reliable, effective, resourceful and results-oriented partner in relationship with state as well as private institutions. CENN is facilitating participatory decision-making process and engagement of non-state stakeholders. We are active members and/or co-chairs of relevant thematic working groups on central level, and initiators of various multi-stakeholder platforms on local level. In addition to advocating for more inclusive processes, we engage directly with local actors including CSOs, communities and youth, to increase their capacities as change-makers.

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