Public Health and Well-being

Recognition of the importance of public health is essential to tackle numerous problems that pose a threat to human health. A decline in the quantity and quality of global water supplies, food shortages, and hunger, proliferation of man-made toxins and pollutants into the environment, global warming and its impact, unequal access to natural resources, etc. are just a few examples that bring a challenge to human well-being. 

By contrast, a healthy population is a critical facet of a striving economy as people are productive, creative, and economically active.  People are less dependent, accomplish more work and provide less strain on state budgetary institutions. Thus, a greater populace of productive workers leads to the well-being of society.  

CENN complements assistance in major improvements of health that include mitigation of environmental hazards, provision of access to safe water resources, and improving the quality and availability of health care. Making efforts to develop public health will not result in every person being healthy; however, we try to facilitate conditions where people can be healthy.

How we engage