Human capital development

We believe that human capital is a cornerstone for green growth, innovation, and sustainable development overall. Equipped with modern knowledge, skills, and jobs, human resources stand to be the most important driver of economic growth and a sustainable key to social progress in the Caucasus region.

Social and economic mobility is closely linked with human capital accumulation in Georgia. A declining population and stagnant labor productivity are raising the need to leverage the talents, qualifications, and skills of all Georgians to move forward toward the twin goals of reduced poverty and shared prosperity (World Bank 2018a).

CENN prioritizes human capital development across all interventions, focusing on building thematic modern knowledge for various target groups such are farmers, foresters, school teachers, schoolchildren and teachers, female entrepreneurs, social and green start-uppers, private sector representatives, and many more. To achieve this goal, CENN offers a mixture of various tools – from tailored trainings, coaching, and experience sharing – to the creation of educational programs, curricula, and knowledge materials, as well as knowledge transfer and sharing mechanisms. 

Moreover, CENN prioritizes continued education for its staff members, offering thematic training and courses for professional and personal development to maintain knowledgeable and skillful team members.

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