Marneuli’s MSWG Works to Develop Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Marneuli’s MSWG Works to Develop Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Within the “PRAISE MARNEULI”- Climate-Resilient Agriculture Project, Marneuli’s MSWG Works to Develop Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Practices.

On March 14, within the framework of the “PRAISE MARNEULI”- Climate-Resilient Agriculture project, CENN hosted another Marneuli Multisectoral Stakeholder Working Group (MSWG) meeting at LEPL Vocational College “Modus” Marneuli with the support of HEKS-EPER.

During the meeting, 10 members of the MSWG discussed new advocacy issues in the area of climate-resilient agriculture, and discussed the current state of the advocacy process. In addition, opportunities were identified for establishing agricultural cooperatives at the municipal level.

The MSWG will mainly focus on dealing with climate-friendly, climate-resilient agriculture challenges, capacity assessment, elaboration of capacity development programs, land, and other natural resource-related problem advocacy. Moreover, the group will be engaged with mobilizing the public for the sub-grant competition, selecting grant projects, and engaging in the monitoring phase.

The MSWG members are from private, public, and civic sectors interested in the development of the agricultural sector in Marneuli Municipality.

The “PRAISE MARNEULI” project is implemented by CENN with the support of HEKS-EPER. The overall objective of the project is to support income generation opportunities of vulnerable populations in Marneuli Municipality through the development and promotion of environmentally friendly and climate-resilient agricultural (CRA) practices. The action aims to empower smallholders, entrepreneurs, women, youth, and other local actors by introducing climate-resilient agriculture best practices in correlation with the Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA). Within the project, local farmers will have the opportunity to improve their skills, gain knowledge and share this knowledge with other farmers through field trips to regions of Georgia.



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