The Course About Sustainable Development Goals is Now Available

The Course About Sustainable Development Goals is Now Available
We are pleased to inform you about an interesting initiative supported by the CENN project – Sustainable Forest Management for Rural Development.
As part of a project supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), our organization had the opportunity to give small grants to projects to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals among young people.
This year, the online platform kentsero.ge was the winner, and within the framework of a small grant, it prepared a series of informational sessions by Georgian experts concerning the goals of sustainable development. CENN employee, Gvantsa Akiashvili, was among the speakers.
The course was about sustainable development goals and included:
🔶 The importance and basic principles of the Sustainable Development Goals
🔶 Sustainable Development Goals and environmental protection
🔶 Why it is important to know about environmental issues
🔶 Goal 5 – Gender Equality
🔶 Goal 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation
🔶 Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities and Settlements
🔶 Goal 13 – Action Against Climate Change
🔶 Goal 14 – Ocean and Marine Resources
🔶 Goal 15 – Earth’s Ecosystems
🔶 Goal 17 – Partnerships to Achieve Goals and Sectoral Cooperation
🔶 Sustainable Development Goals and youth engagement
The “Kentsero” platform has had more than 170,000 visitors and more than 28,000 unique visitors.

Learn about the full course here: https://bit.ly/3Vk8PEm

The course is free and available after registration on “Kentsero” website.

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