World Clean-Up Day

World Clean-Up Day

Dear Friends,


We are delighted to inform you that on September 15th, the event, World Clean–Up Day, will be held. The Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth, Georgian Society of Nature Explorers Orchis, and the programs “Raising Awareness in Ecology and Waste Management” and “Clean-up Georgia Phase III,” supported by the government of Sweden, Georgia’s National Platform member –international company Caucasus Youth Network with the campaign, Let’s Do It, and CENN’s Waste Management Technology in Regions Phase II (WMTR II) program, supported by USAID, are going to celebrate World Clean-Up Day together. We hope that Georgia’s national platform member organizations will also join us and encourage other governmental and non-governmental organizations to clean-up different territories.


On September 15th, millions of people from 150 countries will unite to take care of our one and only planet, our home. The clean-up events will commence in New Zealand and finish 36 hours later in Hawaii.


The idea behind World Clean-Up Day originated 10 years ago in Estonia, when 4% of the country’s population united to clean their surroundings of waste. This idea gave birth to the global community movement, Let’s Do It World, which unifies people with one goal: keep Earth clean.


Information about clean-up event times and places will be disseminated on different media platforms, such as WMTR II program’s social network and portal (http://environment.cenn.org/waste-management), and The Greens Movement of Georgia’s website (www.cleanup.gewww.greens.ge). For organizations that wish to join this event, please contact us in advance.

Information about the programs:

The Greens Movement of Georgia

The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth has been part of the UN environmental program’s (UNEP) initiated annual campaign, Clean Up the World, since 1992. In 2010, with support provided by the government of Sweden and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, the project, “Let’s Clean up Georgia,” was initiated and is still ongoing. In the framework of this project, an NGO consortium comprised of the Greens Movement of Georgia, the Georgian Society of Nature Explorers Orchis and Ecovision, has been holding large-scale clean-up events in 63 municipalities throughout Georgia since 2015. Illegal landfills are accounted for and are being monitored with the help of Greens Movement regional coordinators, and systematic meetings are organized with local municipality leaders and the community in order to raise awareness about the environmental impact of waste. The consortium actively participated in the formation of the Waste Management Code and municipal waste management five-year plans. The direct result of the aforementioned activities is that communal service funding was increased in the budgets of municipalities.


Let’s Do it World
Let’s Do it Georgia is a representative of the international organization, Let’s do it World in Georgia. The organization will participate in clean-up activities on September 15th. The project aims to include 5% of Georgia’s population (200,000 people) in the clean-up activities and thereby reduce littering in Georgia.


Currently, Let’s Do it Georgia is collaborating with 50 regional organizations, all of the municipalities, the parliament of Georgia, the president’s administration and hundreds of leaders from all regions of Georgia, who are ready to volunteer.


WMTR II program

The Waste Management Technology in Regions phase II (WMTR II) program is implemented in three regions of Georgia: Kakheti, Shida Kartli, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara and the city of Tbilisi. The WMTR II program assists the Government of Georgia (GoG) in modernizing the country’s waste management sector and supporting sustainable development and inclusive economic growth, ensuring the responsible management of natural endowments that will minimize adverse impacts from waste on human health and natural resources.


The program is structured according to the following objectives:
• Implementation of an Integrated Waste Management System
• Private Sector-Led Recycling
• Illegal Dumping Penalties and Tariff Policy
• Public Outreach


Please join us on September 15th to help clean up our planet.
One day. One planet. One goal
For further information please contact:

Salome Sulaberidze: salome.sulaberidze@cenn.org

The Greens Movement of Georgia
Marika Pirosmanishvili: pirmariami@gmail.com

Elene Berdenishvili: lenaberdzenishvili@gmail.com
Nino Chkhobadze: nino.chkhobadze@gmail.com

Let’s Do it World

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