Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Energy supply security and energy efficiency are among the top regional priorities that stem from environmental and geopolitical issues. Potent energy policies and technologies are a stepping stone for regional stability and economic development. In this regard, availability of domestic energy sources and their transportation routes as well as efficient use of local and regional resources and the development of renewable energy technologies is the most promising possibility to guarantee a positive balance between the environment and sustainability, improvement in energy security and reduction of foreign energy dependency. What is more, utilization of energy-efficient renewable energy technologies reduces carbon emissions and provides energy for an affordable price, thus facilitating economic well-being.

CENN provides solutions to the energy deficiency in the region by promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies such as bio fuels, wind energy, photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal energy to the governments, private sector and community members. We believe that mainstreaming alternative energy solutions will reduce pressure on natural resources, provide cheaper energy and alleviate poverty.  

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